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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Cargo Catalina Blush Review and Swatches

I'm about to introduce you to the best blush ever. Ever!

In the pan, Catalina is a bit scary. It's a cool-toned, bubblegum pink shade, but upon application it turns into the most natural flush I have ever seen. Once I apply it, it looks a bit cool and unnatural. 3 seconds later, it transforms into this amazingly flattering shade of natural, warm, glowing pink. For reference, I have a medium golden (i.e. yellow undertones) complexion (NC35-ish, give or take, due to the weather and sun exposure). It's the same color as the natural flush I see in my cheeks after a good run. I imagine it would react a little differently on cooler skin tones, but I believe it would still look stunning. The fact that it starts out cool makes me feel like it would stay cool on cool skin tones, so it wouldn't clash with the skin's undertones or any of that nonsense.

For the rest of the review, pictures and swatches...
Catalina has a beautiful satin finish. There are no shimmers or glitters here! Just a perfect glowy, satin, natural finish. This is by far the best finish I have ever seen on a blush. It looks amazingly healthy and radiant on the skin, without ever having to worry about looking like a disco ball.

The texture is just heavenly! When I first received this blush in the mail, I thought it was a cream blush. It looked so smooth and soft. After lightly tapping my brush into it, I applied it to my cheeks and noticed that it blended in effortlessly. It just melted into my skin rather than just sit on top of it and look fake. The finished look was stunning; no trace of powder-iness. Very natural and ultra smooth.

The Packaging: Cargo's trademark wide tin

All hail, Catalina!

Here's a swatch on my arm. You can see how the unblended start of the swipe looks a bit cool-toned, while the rest of the swipe appears much warmer against my skin.

Here's another example of blended versus unblended and the change in tone from cool to warm.

In the tin, you get a generous amount of 8.9 grams, which retails for $26 USD/CAD. The price might turn off some people, but the quality AND quantity are well worth it! This blush has become a daily staple for me, so I would personally pay even more than $26 to get my hands on it. It is truly unique, and undeniably stunning.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product, unsolicited.