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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab + Top 10 Favorites

If you haven't heard of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL), you're missing out! In a nutshell, it's an online company that sells perfume oils. And boy do they have a huge selection! The site might look a little creepy to some people, but it's really not as difficult to browse through as it seems at first sight. Maybe it is, a little, but you can do a couple of things that'll help you find exactly what you want in no time.

Check out the SEARCH link on the left. Here, you can type in a few of your favorite notes (like vanilla, jasmine, musk, apple, whatever) and the site will return a list of perfume oil suggestions that fit your taste. Each oil is listed by name, then a descriptive poetic piece, then fragrance notes. I usually skip the poetic stuff unless the name is really intriguing or I have some time to kill. But, of course, to each his own - and it does go with the theme of the site, so just bear with it if you hate it.

Another option to find your way through the vast list of perfume oils is to make use of BPAL's message board. There you'll find many extremely helpful members with endless suggestions. I suggest you first search the board for answers to your questions, then start a new thread if you can't find what you need. You can find answers to questions about BPAL, perfume oil reviews and descriptions, BPAL oils similar to mainstream perfumes/colognes, and much more. I love it!

I typically dislike loud florals and incredibly sweet fruits. I hate leather! I like vanilla, musk, rose, iris, chocolate, and a couple more. For my top10 favorites:

Friday, June 04, 2010

Just Opened Up My Etsy Shop! + Sale

I'm so excited! I've been planning for this for such a long, long time. I read and researched, learned a lot about the world of Etsy and online selling in general. I am a bit behind schedule, but I'm still super happy that I'm finally doing this. I only listed three items tonight, just because I don't think that many people would be online looking to buy jewelry on a Friday night... But I could be wrong, for I am an Etsy sales newb after all!

I have sooooooooooooo so so many ideas for my shop. I also have ideas for other shops that I might be trying out in the future. I can't wait!

To celebrate, and for a limited time only, order now and get 20% off your next purchase!

Visit me =)