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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Midnight Cravings, please go away!

Seriously, I crave the strangest things around this time every night. I'm not on a diet or anything of the sort, so I'm not sure why I crave anything at any time! I once read that you usually crave things that your body needs. Like if you crave an orange or grapefruit, then your body is in dire need of some vitamin C. Or if you can't stop drooling over the thought of a steak, then you really need some protein. Of course I'm not talking about hunger here, just unexplainable sudden cravings.

Last night, I craved dill pickles. Tonight, I'm dying for some roast-beef I have left over from dinner. Earlier tonight, I turned the kitchen upside down looking for a "tangy fruit" -- really, I just wanted ANY TANGY FRUIT (like a not-so-ripe mango, or a plum). I eat well (balanced meals, no strange diets of any sort), so what's up?

I don't get it.